Jacqueline Katz is running for State Senator of the Norfolk/Bristol/Middlesex district for the 2018 election. This district includes the towns of Millis, Norfolk, North Attleborough, Plainville, Sherborn, Wayland, and Wrentham, and precincts 1-A, 1-B, 2-A, 2-B, and 3-A in Attleboro, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 in Franklin, 6, 7, 9, and 10 in Natick, A, B, C, J, and I in Needham and B, F, and G in Wellesley. Jackie and her husband Jerome moved to Norfolk a few years ago and she has been working for over a decade at Wellesley High School.


Every day, Jackie listens to many different stakeholders, from students to parents to school staff, and works to meet the needs of all types of people. Teachers spend so much of their time listening to others and are focused on working out solutions.
As your state senator, she will be committed to listening to your wants and needs and fight to solve the different problems in our community while explaining the decisions that are made in the state government.


Every day, Jackie teaches about American history and government. In order to teach effectively, she has to understand the ins and outs and whys and hows of our governmental processes.
As your state senator, she will use her knowledge of how the government is supposed to work to serve the interests of our community.


Every year, Jackie researches her subject further to improve her instruction and share best practices with other teachers. She spends hours studying because she loves learning and being an informed person.
As your state senator, she will research and analyze the different issues that the community faces and help find solutions.

Every day, Jackie is held accountable to reach the high standards of being an educator. The stakes are serious when it comes to public education, and she works to make sure that she meets the expectations of her students, families, and colleagues.


What our community really needs is an educator in the government. We need and deserve someone representing us who has been working with kids, parents, teachers, and school leaders on a daily basis to help improve the quality of our public schools. As an educator, Jackie has cared for her different school communities and will take that energy and passion into the State House. We need an expert as we discuss ways to make college and pre-K affordable and improve our public schools. In addition to her commitment to public education, she will be an advocate for environmental sustainability and affordable and high quality health care. At every decision, she will check in with you because it is your voice that she will represent in government.


Read more about Jackie’s campaign in The Boston Globe Magazine.





Jackie has taught US history for over a decade at Wellesley High School. She will continue to be an advocate for students, parents, and her community as she has done throughout her entire professional career. We need the voice of an educator in our State House. Jackie will be:

  • an expert voice in guiding the new civics curriculum. She has taught US civics her entire professional career and we need that voice guiding this initiative.
  • a strong proponent of universal early childhood education and Kindergarten. We must ensure that all our children have access to excellent education starting at an early age.
  • a sharer of firsthand experience with the transition of students from high school to their post-secondary school life. We must invest in apprenticeships, connecting businesses with interested seniors and supporting debt-free college initiatives.
  • an advocate for reducing testing. Research shows this is not the way to help our students learn and become global citizens. We need to reinvest in their learning by focusing on teacher-to-student ratios, teacher retention, and creating a well-rounded student experience.


A veteran educator, Jackie is used to measuring success by outcomes rather than by rhetoric. She will ensure that we invest in renewable energy and incentivize energy-efficient practices. As an environmental activist, Jackie will fight to protect our green spaces. She will advocate to improve public transportation and to use research-based solutions to protect our environment. We need the voice of a passionate environmentalist. Jackie will be:

  • an ally for public transportation. We have to fight for more efficient systems, more convenient systems, and keeping prices of both the service and parking affordable. By investing in the latest technology, we invest in protecting our environment. Research shows the number one way to protect the environment is to get more cars off the roads.
  • a supporter of extending MassSave to incentivize energy-saving measures. We need to make it simple and cheap for people to reduce their carbon footprint. Let’s make it easy to convert to solar energy. This is an investment for the future of ourselves and our planet.
  • a protector of our farms. Investing in local produce gets more trucks off the road and supports our local economy.
  • a forward-thinker for the future. We need all future development for both housing and our transportation to meet the highest standards of environmental protection.

The Opioid Crisis

As part of a large community both at the high school where she teachers and through her part-time work as a fitness instructor, Jackie has felt the problems of the opioid crisis firsthand. Jackie will be:

  • an ally to friends and family that need support.
  • an educator who will help create programs that ends the stigma associated with addiction.
  • a supporter of increased rehabilitation centers rather than quick fix solutions or prison.

Women’s Rights

As a mother (of a six-month old!) and teacher of the history of women’s rights, Jackie understands long-term women’s struggles and contemporary issues that create inequality for women. She wants to make sure that we continue to make progress for women’s rights rather than go backward. Jackie will be:

  • a representative for the voices of mothers whether they choose to stay at home or return to work.
  • a fighter for the protection of women’s health, a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body and for equity in pay and working conditions.
  • a voice for women subjected to sexual assault or harassment.




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